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November is the month we strive to be thankful for all the fabulous things in our lives. Join us for a painting you can proudly display every year!

All painting supplies are provided by Lola’s Brush, and as always, NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!

What To Expect At Guido’s Painting Parties

The party begins at 6:00PM. When you arrive at Guido’s you can go downstairs and head straight to the bar! Order your drink of choice and food and relax in the bar area. The class instruction does not start until 6:30 so you have time to order and unwind.
After your group has arrived, the instructor will check you in, show you to your seats, and help you to get settled! We like to seat people when their entire group has arrived. There is no seating chart in advance because so many changes can happen at the last minute. As soon as you are seated, please put on the apron that is hanging on the chair. That is how we know what seats are occupied. Feel free to walk around, socialize or use the restroom.
  • The excellent servers and bartenders at Guido’s will start a tab for you and give you a service number that corresponds with your tab. Bring the number with you and place it on your table when you are seated.
  • Feel free to start your tab as soon as you arrive and place a drink order.
  • Food orders can be placed as soon as you are seated. Don’t worry, there is enough room for you to drink, paint and eat!
  • A server will be circulating around to take drink and food orders. Enjoy ordering food and beverages throughout the evening and close your tab by the end of class. Easy!
  • At 6:30 we will begin the painting instruction. The first 20 minutes is a brief overview of painting materials and technique. We teach how to create a beautiful painting one step at a time! At any point you can get up and stretch your legs, use the restroom or even say hello to friends. Some parts of class have more instruction than others, so if you miss a step, don’t worry; we can help you catch up!
  • The instructor will demonstrate the technique each step of the way and then circulate around the room to answer questions or help in any way.
  • Need more paint? Not sure what to do? No problem- our instructor and staff will take care of any concern.
Around 8:30 is the time we start to wind down and painters begin to finish their masterpieces. This is a good time to order a final beverage and close out your tab. By 8:50 we are ready to take a group picture and individual group photos. Around 9:00 our guests are ready to take home their new works of art!