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Llama Dress Up @ Jupiters

Dress up your llama with your mama (or papa)! We love llama’s! Don’t you!?!?!

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Star Wars: Rebel Princess!

The Rebels would have been lost without her! Last time we painted the dark side of the force with Kylo Ren. This month we honor Carrie Fisher and the strong female role...Princess Leia. The Kylo Ren painting party included special guests with AMAZING Star Wars Costumes...We are told that another visit might be happening, fingers [...]

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Mommy & Me: Dress Up Penguins

Kids Love Painting! Support their creativity with our new Paint Together class this month we designed especially for you and your little penguin.  Make the penguins look how you want, don't worry that your work of art looks different from ours, this class will stress creative freedom!   Don't want hats and scarfs because you're sick [...]

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Mama And Baby Fox @ Jupiters

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Friendly Octopus

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Princess Lola

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Where The Wild Things Are

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Mermaid Splash

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Princess Magic

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Princess Boutique Tea Party

Catering by Lumen and styling by Go-gorgeous! The ULTIMATE PRINCESS PARTY includes : - Catering Provided by LUMEN - Princess make over - Hair and Styling services by GO GORGEOUS SALON -Craft and activities by LOLA’S BRUSH located at: 9 E. UNIVERSITY AVE. CHAMPAIGN

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